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Are you wanting to fix your credit? Needing the right information and guidance to increase your credit score?  HT BUSINESS CAPITAL can help and get you on your way to fixing or increasing your credit score. Let’s talk and get you started today.  


  • Take off any wrong information on your credit report

  • Increase in credit score 

  • Affordable pricing and in some cases payment plans   



  • 60-90 days to see results

Best for: 

  • Any individual or business wanting to increase their credit score to get approved for alternative options for business funding or capital

Credit Card Purchase

Our 3 Step Process:

Business Meeting

1. Apply

Fill out our Quick Apply application.

Contract Review

2. We review your application

We review your goals and present you with programs matching your needs, getting an offer in 24 hours.

Business Handshake

3. Receive funding

Choose the program that fits you best and receive funding within 48 hours.

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